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Texas Precision Plating, Inc., Garland, TX
Cadmium Plating


Cadmium plating is generally bright silvery white. Supplementary treatments for type II can be golden, iridescent, amber, black, or olive drab. The corrosion resistance is very good, especially with the type II finish.

Cadmium plating is still the preferred metal over zinc, in the aerospace industry.  This is partly due to its excellent adhesion properties for painting, and it cant be stripped off as readily as zinc. Cadmium is excellent for plating stainless steels that are to be used in conjunction with aluminum to prevent galvanic corrosion.

TPP offers the following chromate conversions for cadmium: Clear, Yellow, Black and Olive Drab.

Parts with a hardness greater then Rc-40 shall be stress relieved prior to cleaning and plating, and should be given a hydrogen embrittlement relieve post bake.

QQ-P-416 F
Type I No supplementary treatment.
Type II Supplementary chromate treatment.
Type III Supllementary phosphate treatment.
Class 1 .0005″ min.
Class 2 .0003″ min.
Class 3 .0002″ min.